Martin Rigby was Sandbach born and bred and extremely proud of it, Martin supported the local community and provided trucks to help school fetes, the Christmas light switch-on and Sandbach Transport Festival. 

He started his career in the haulage business in November 1989 at the age of 19.  He was the original man with a van.  Friends report escapades all over the country transporting anything from flowers to 3 piece suites .  As his time and experience in the haulage business progressed he ventured abroad even delivering goods for United Nations and venturing into war zones.  His drivers quickly got used to the fact that one day they were delivering in Manchester and the next day off to Europe and beyond.

A man who had time and a smile for everyone, that was Martin.  He had a wide variety of interests and a broad spectrum of friends.   In addition to his all consuming passion for custom trucks, his spare time was spent caravanning, chasing the biggest waves he could find in his rib off the coast of Anglesey, road trips to Germany, the South of France and Austria on his motorbike but his favourite of all was skiing.   He has recently been described by one of his oldest skiing friends as ‘possibly the best and most stylish recreational skier you would ever see’. 

As the people who regularly go to the Truck shows will know, Martin worked hard and partied hard.  His moto was ‘One life live it’.  Friends who shared these passions with him all reported the same enthusiasm for getting the most out of every single day.  It was always, one last trip around the bay, one last run down the ski slopes and tragically his final undoing, one last ride on his motorbike along the mountain road on the Isle of Man. 

Martin died doing something he loved, but he left massive holes in the lives of an incredible number of people and he would have been overwhelmed and very humbled by the tributes paid to him by his trucking and biking friends at his funeral.  He was an organ donor and to date 3 people have benefited from his kidneys and, surprisingly his liver! £1400 was raised for each of his charities RNLI and Northwest Air Ambulance.

The committee would like to put on record their gratitude for all his support over the years, a true friend of the Sandbach Transport Festival!