Congratulations to all the winners on both days of the Transport Festival this year.



Parking is available at Brookhouse Road, Chapel Street, Westfields (public and staff car parks) and at Ashfields (patient and staff car parks).

A disabled car park is available at NatWest (access from Hope Street).

See map for the locations and more details of the car parks.

All car parks are available on both days of the show.

Sandbach Common will be closed from 6pm on Friday 20 April 2018 to 6pm on Sunday 22 April 2018. No parking will be available at any time. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Our 2018 programme is now available!

Below is a timetable of events for the weekend. Please be aware timings are likely to change. Looking forward to a great weekend. 

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Confirmed Acts for the 2018 Show

Iconic WW2 Spitfire

To celebrate the Centenary of the end of the First World War, we have an iconic full-scale replica World War 2 Spitfire being displayed at the Sandbach Transport Festival. The Spitfire is believed to have been purposely built for an indoor museum in the late 1970s and has been sold a few times since then.

It represents a Mark 9 version of the aircraft that was introduced from July 1942 onwards as a stopgap measure to counter the threat from the Luftwaffe's Focke-Wulf FW 190A. To save time and resources, the early versions were built onto Mark 5 fuselages (with prominent rivets) and fitted with the Merlin 61 engine. (

Although the Sandbach Transport Festival is usually associated with road vehicles, there is a small link to the Town.  ERF purchased a Spitfire and presented it to the Royal Air Force, the cost of a Spitfire at the time was £5,000. To raise that amount of money ERF decided to hold a raffle with the first prize being a brand-new ERF truck, which at the time was a scarce commodity. Within 2 to 3 weeks the £5,000 target was achieved and a cheque was sent to Lieutenant Colonel Moore-Brabazon, who was Minister of Aircraft Production. The aircraft was called ‘Sun Works’ after the ERF manufacturing plant and went into squadron service with a Canadian unit of the RAF in 1941.


WalkaboutT-Rex Dinosaur

Courtesy of Big Foot Events Youtube page (

2 Dinosaurs on the loose at Freeport Shopping Centre in Fleetwood, causing mayhem and mischief with shoppers and children alike! Hire a Dinosaur and get maximum exposure for your event as our T Rex causes screams of delight and squeals of excitement!



We have some amazing vehicles entered but because there is so many we could only include a selection of the vehicles shown in the picture below.

2018 vehicle entry.jpg

Whitfield light railway

We are very excited to announce that Whitfield Light Railway will be coming to this years show providing train rides on both days in the park.

They will be bringing 10.25inch gauge portable miniature steam railway, with 60m / 200' of track - a trainset on a trailer - available for events, open days, galas, fairs, fetes.

The usual steam for the railway is in the form of a vertical-boilered 0-4-0 steam tram called ‘Kestrel', using a 1906 Locomobile steam car engine, with a boiler built by Coleby-Simkins in the 1973.


Henna Tattoos

Small Henna Tattoos by Hayley Emma's Art who are normally based in La Boutique, Sandbach.

henna tattoos.jpg

Glitter Tattoos - By Kelly

We are excited to announce that Glitter Tattoos - By Kelly will be coming to the 2018 show. (Find her on Facebook)

Kelly's Glitter Tattoos.jpg

Mr Whippy Ice Cream LTD.



Supreme Team

We are proud to have the Supreme Team providing marshalls for the weekend who have over 60 years experience in Event, Promotional, Corporate and Experiential staffing. Why not visit there website at

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